Worldwide Spectrum Allocations Poster

The national and international spectrum usage has continued to undergo a constant cadence of change. These changes necessitate the need to continue to evolve your awareness of valuable spectrum allocation information. As evidenced recently in the U.S.: Analog TV has mostly gone quiet and replaced with Digital TV; the LORAN-C navigation system has been shut…

RF Component Pocket Guide

In RF design, the key specifications of active and passive components must be clearly understood to ensure that the system meets the requirements of the specific application. This guide gives an overview of important parameters and measurements for active and passive components.

Aeronautical radio navigation measurement solutions

This application note highlights various aeronautical radio navigation signals such as VHF omnidirectional radio range (VOR), instrument landing system (ILS) for glide slope (GS) and localizer (LLZ), as well as marker beacon (MB).  R&S® test and measurement solutions for avionics navigation equipment are introduced based on application scenarios, including calibration, research and development, field tests and…

Analyze your TACAN and DME ground equipment

The R&S®EDST300 is a flexible, compact and easy-to-use solution to carry out test cases in line with civil and military standards with a single instrument. Some measurements such as dead time, recovery time and echo suppression require a second signal source. With the R&S®SMBV100A vector signal generator, full test cases as required for DME and…

Test of DME/TACAN Transponders

This application note describes the operating principle of DME (Distance Measurement Equipment) that is used for distance measurement in aviation.  It also describes various test scenarios for the maintenance of a DME transponder.  These tests require an R&S® SMA100A Signal Generator with a R&S® SMA-K26 DME modulation option and a R&S® NRP-Z81 Wideband Power Sensor.